The Rubettes

The Rubettes were a Pop band from England assembled in 1973 by the songwriting team of Wayne Bickerton, the then head of A&R at Polydor Records, and his co-writer, Tony Waddington after their doo-wop and 1950s American pop-influenced songs had been rejected by a number of existing acts. The band emerged at the tail end of the glam rock movement, wearing trademark white suits and cloth caps on stage. The line-up of the band was Alan Williams (born 22 December 1948); Tony Thorpe (born 20 July 1947); Bill Hurd (born 11 August 1948); Mick Clarke (born 10 August 1946), and John Richardson (born 3 May 1948). The Rubettes’ first (and biggest hit) was “Sugar Baby Love” (released in 1974) which was a UK no. 1 and going on to sell around eight million copies worldwide. The distinctive falsetto lead vocal to “Sugar Baby Love” was however performed by Paul Da Vinci (real name: Paul Prewer) who left the group after a few weeks to be replaced by Williams. The Rubettes went on to have a number of other hits during the mid-seventies such as “Juke Box Jive” and “I Can Do It”, mostly written by the Bickerton-Waddington song-writing team. Their final hit was the ‘country rock’ styled ballad - “Baby I Know” - which reached no. 10 in the UK in 1977. The Rubettes’ first and biggest hit was "Sugar Baby Love" (1974) which was a UK number one, going on to sell around 500,000 copies in the UK and a reported global sale of three million copies. Two million copies being so...

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