Real McCoy

Real McCoy, originally known as M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy, was a German Eurodance group, who are best known for their international hits Another Night in 1993 and Run Away in 1994. Real McCoy was the brainchild of German rapper and producer Olaf "O-Jay" Jeglitza. After having released a few limited edition 12" singles in Germany under the name "The Alliance" with friend Frank "Quickmix" Hassas, their first major breakthrough came in December 1989 when a cover of the Technotronic hit "Pump Up The Jam" went to #16 on the German singles chart. At this point, the act was faceless so for the second single, the original track It's On You, singer Patsy Petersen and 'rapper' Shampro were enlisted to join the group. O-Jay felt uncomfortable being the frontman so Shampro mimed O-Jay's raps. The single, on its release in 1990, climbed to #11 in Germany. An album "On The Move" was also released. After this things went a little quiet for a while until they hooked up with David Brunner, Head of A&R at Hansa Records. He was impressed by a song O-Jay had co-written called "Another Night" but was dissatisfied with Patsy's vocals. Convinced he had a hit on his hand, Brunner persuaded O-Jay to let him release the new version of "Another Night" with Patsy (miming Karin Kasar's vocals) and O-Jay to replace Shampro as the new "M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy". It was a #18 hit in Germany in 1993 and all over continental Europe, followed by the album "Space Invaders" but then Clive Davis at Arista R...

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