Mud is the name of at least three bands: 1. Mud was a British rock band, heavily influenced by 1950s rock and roll, but moving beyond it into mainstream rock. The members were Les Gray, Rob Davis, Ray Stiles, and Dave Mount. They had fifteen hits in the U.K., including three number ones. More recently Rob Davis has written numerous successful songs for newer artists, including U.K. number ones for Kylie Minogue and Spiller. 2. Mud is also the name of a dark ambient project, a collaboration between Steve Hall of Yen Pox and Traig Foltz of Used. 3. Originally from the island of Guam. In 2001, the San Francisco music scene began to resonate a little louder with the induction of indie newcomer MUD. Describing their sound as, “A blending of punk’s energy and the edge of metal,” their raw guitar riffs, heavy bass grooves and depth in song writing have since drawn comparisons to successful crossover bands like Jawbreaker, NOFX, Letters to Cleo, Green Day and The Foo Fighters. Over the years, MUD has become a frequent fixture at Bay Area landmark venues such as Slim’s, Bottom of the Hill and The Warfield. MUD has since expanded their resume to include the 2006 Van’s Warped Tour, headlining SF’s Live 105 Official Warped Tour After Party , opening for national touring acts such as The Matches (Epitaph), April Sixth(Elektra), The Forces of Evil (members of Reel Big Fish) and Camp Freddy (Slash,Duff McKagan,Scott Weiland,Billy Morrison,Matt Sorum) as part of the Record...

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