King Harvest

There are two entries for King Harvest. 1. King Harvest is a 4 piece band that formed in 1969 and is most well known for the classic hit "Dancing in the Moonlight." For the four musicians who would eventually band together to form King Harvest – David “Doc” Robinson, Eddie Tuleja, Rod Novak and Ronny Altbach - whatever their original plans had been when they applied to the prestigious Cornell University, the college’s 53 fraternities, local bars, and the many other colleges within easy driving range presented an opportunity that pushed them away from their original scholarly goals, to become rock musicians. By 1969, they banded together, with a few other friends, in a copy band that was tearing up Ithaca New York in those politically troubled times. They played songs from Sly and the Family Stone, Traffic, Hendrix, Dr. John and, finally, The Band – a mixed yet cohesive core of soulful music. And then they dispersed, presumably to "grow up". However, within two years these four had regrouped in Paris, France, where they built a reputation as the one and only American touring band, playing clubs, pop festivals, and generally enjoying a lifestyle of motorcycles, music and, women. By this time, the band was performing, for the most part anyway, songs that the various members had written. Again, the musical range went from R&B tinged funky tunes to harder rock songs, influenced by their heroes but increasingly influenced by The Band. In fact, after recording and perf...

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