John Farnham

John Peter Farnham (born July 1, 1949) is an English-born Australian pop singer. Domestically he has remained one of Australia's best-known performers over a career spanning more than 30 years. He is the only Australian artist to have a number one record in five consecutive decades (echoing Sir Cliff Richard in the United Kingdom). Between 1982 and 1986 he fronted Little River Band. Born in Dagenham, East London, United Kingdom, Farnham spent the first years of his life in England before migrating to Australia in 1959. As an undistinguished student, he began a plumbing apprenticeship before taking leave from that to pursue music. The Little River Band era From 1981 until 1984, he fronted Little River Band after singer Glenn Shorrock departed. This was a move away from cabaret and into rock music. As Little River Band was a successful band prior to Farnham joining the group, it was a surprise that with Farnham the band found little success initially. Due to the previous success by Little River Band and Farnham's own early career, Capitol Records continued to fund the band for albums and tours, but still to no avail. In their desperation to bring a return from the cost of the band, Capitol Records brought out a "Greatest Hits" album, however that caused even more financial problems for the band. During this time, Farnham did vocal tracks for movies just to earn some extra money including for the movies "Fletch," "The Slugger's Wife," "Savage Streets," "Voyage of the Rock Al...

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