Harvey Danger

Harvey Danger was an alternative rock band that formed in Seattle, Washington in 1992 and rose to prominence in 1998 with the iconic single "Flagpole Sitta". Released from their debut album, 'Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?', the song helped the group build its college radio fan-base. The band released their last album in 2005, 'Little by Little' (also known as 'Little by Little...'), after the five year hiatus that followed the release of their sophomore album, 'King James Version'. Harvey Danger has a devoted cult following (with many free downloads available from their website) but the band is widely labeled as a "one hit wonder", mainly due to limited mainstream radio airplay and a lack of decent record deals. Still, Harvey Danger has attracted U.S. attention due to their critical praise, with the All Music Guide calling the release 'Little By Little' "a smart and compelling pop album". In contrast, the band is little known in Europe, the aforementioned issues compounded since the band focused on selling themselves in America (especially Seattle) and thus made it very difficult for fans to get albums in Europe. The original drummer, Evan Sult, moved to Chicago and now drums in the band Bound Stems. For a short-time, he was replaced by Michael Welke, formerly of the band No. 226. As a symbol of the group's close connection to its fans, they published their last album as a free download along with other materials. In 2009, they announced on their website they've ca...

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