Dexys Midnight Runners

Dexys Midnight Runners - the name consistently spelled without an apostrophe - were a British Post-punk and Northern Soul band who achieved their major success in the early to mid 1980s. The word "Dexys" in this case, comes from a colloquialism of "dextroamphetamine" or "purple hearts," a type of amphetamine diet pill that was a popular "upper" drug with England's Northern Soul scene in the 1960s. Founded by former singer of the Killjoys, Kevin Rowland and guitarist Kevin "Al" Archer, in Birmingham (UK) 1978. The band name was taken from a colloquialism for dextroamphetamine (ie, "dexies" or "dexys"), a drug commonly abused by the UK's Mod/Northern Soul scenes of the 1960s. The band, especially at its beginnings, was unique in that musically, they seemed best suited to the budding Mod/Skinhead Revival scene in the United Kingdom, but in many ways, especially fashion, they came off as rather hard to "sell" to any particular scene. Musically, they've always been a sort of "soul-fusion." An early single, "Geno" (written as an ode to American Northern Soul singer, Geno Washington), was immensely popular, despite being repeatedly bad-mouthed by the NME. In fact, "Geno" remains their biggest-selling single in the UK, thanks in part to at least one re-issue. The following album, Searching for the Young Soul Rebels (1980), was an interesting punk and soul fusion, and despite (or perhaps because of) decidedly mixed reviews by the press, it was extremely well-recieved by the pu...

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