Deee-Lite was a dance music group formed in 1986 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and playing in NYC fusing house music, hip-hop, funk and techno- before there was a word for techno. Lady Miss Kier named their production company "Sampladelic" and described their music as holographic techno-soul. They were dedicated to outrageous live shows handing out daisies, projecting Captain Whizzo's psychedelic lightshow, employing voguers and other free-styling club dancers as opposed to rigid formation choreography, and injecting a healthy dose of humor and thought provoking socially conscious lyrics. Their most successful hit was Groove Is In the Heart from their 1990 debut, World Clique. With a psychedelic video that was a success worldwide, the song also featured appearances by Q-Tip (from A Tribe Called Quest) and Bootsy Collins. Kier and Dmitry were committed to live performances and toured worldwide with several P-funk luminaries such as Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Fred Wessely, Gary "Mudbone" Cooper, Mike "kid funkadelic" Hampton and others. Tei appeared in only a handful of live shows. The original members of Deee-lite were: * Supa DJ Dmitry (Dmitri Brill, born 4 June 1964, originally from Kiev, Ukraine) * Lady Miss Kier (Kierin Magenta Kirby, born 15 August 1963, Youngstown, Ohio) * Towa Tei (Dong-hwa Chung, born 7 September 1964, originally from Tokyo, Japan) Brill and Kirby had an ongoing romantic relationship, which ended prior to the release of their third a...

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