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  • Jeanie
  • Lady Starlight
  • Santa Monica Sunshine
  • Sixties Man
  • Heartbreak Today
  • Restless
  • Fox On The Run (Single Version)
  • You're Not Wrong For Loving Me

Chinn/Chapman Connolly/Priest/Scott/Tucker

When there ain't no light
But the night is bright
And it's cold outside
I'm burning
The feeling inside
That I just can't hide
Now it's for you I'm yearning

I ain't asking much
Just a simple touch of you
But you won't have me
I sit right here
And my only fear is you
And all you can be

At the third stroke
It will be five thirty

I'm a simple man
And a simple man
Can't get to you with feeling
Even if I might
Then it wouldn't be right
To you love has no meaning

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